January 2020

Cllrs present:

Mayor D Wickes (DW), Cllr S Baird (SB), Cllr W Bowkett (WB), Cllr J Hart (JH), Cllr W Hatchman (WH), Cllr D Kettleborough (DK), Cllr N Chantry (NC), Cllr V Parker-Hill (VP), Cllr B Allen (BA)



Also present:

Clerk: S Simmons, PCSO J Richardson

President of Wainfleet RBL (1 member of the public)

Mayor opened public meeting at 18:30hrs

Anything to do with Coronation hall goes through Mick Rust on his mobile now. Has been advertised

Cllr N Chantry arrived at 18:36hrs

Member of public and PCSO J Richardson left at 18:40hrs

Mayor closed the public session and went into Council Session at 18:40hrs


1. Apologies for Absence

To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Town Clerk prior to the meeting.

Clerk read out resignation letter from Cllr Graves.

Action: Clerk to send a thank you letter


2. Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 (Members must declare any personal interest in any item on the agenda and state whether they are also prejudiced. In the case of personal interest, the member may speak and vote on the matter. In the case of prejudicial interests, the member must withdraw while the matter is discussed.)

Cllr Bowkett – Football Team

S Simmons – Agenda item 9 re: Clerk


3. Minutes from the Council Meeting on 3rd December

To approve as a correct record the notes of the Annual meeting of the Council held on 3rd December and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes.

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to accept minutes are correct


4. To receive brief reports from the representatives on outside bodies and the Town Clerk

Thank you letters have been sent to 2 members of the public to thank them for putting up the poppies around Town and to the Clock Winders for winding the clock

Clerk has emailed regarding planning application S/194/02106/19 to ask what temporary is but have had no response

Have emailed football team for copy of receipt to be able to pay them £200 as agreed for seed.

Discussion on committees and working groups

All other matters elsewhere in minutes

No report from Wendy Bowkett LCC and ELDC

Report from PCSO Richardson

Reports of bikes Mawson Garden area. Since they have been spoken too, there has been nothing since

Patrols with the parking enforcement officer have taken place. Ticket was issued and words of advice have been given to motorists

More patrols to be done with the dog warden

Any engagements going on locally, please let PCSO know

What 3 words APP. Please push this APP

Information given to PCSO re: Emergency planning meeting

Council discussed allotment break ins with PCSO. No one has rung it in.


5. Councillor Vacancies

To discuss promotion of vacancies for Councillors and Vice Chair and consider any co-opting applications and to recommend going into closed session to discuss and decide appointments

Keep pushing to fill


6. Finance

To receive financial reports and updates. To approve payments and receipts.

Proposed, Seconded and RESOVLED to approve finances for December 2019

To discuss and approve associated expenditure for yearly training scheme cost for 2020/21

Discussion on yearly training subscription of £150

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to pay the yearly fee

Action: Clerk to ask if we can have Cllr training in Wainfleet

Action: Clerk to scan and email training dates over

Discussion on exclusive rights of burial and fee rates – agenda item for February

Action: Clerk to send fees to Councillors

To discuss and approve associated expenditure for fire proof storage for burials

Three quotes were shown to Council. Cllr Parker-Hill may be able to get it cheaper. Agenda item for February

Finance over £100 for transparency for 7th January’s meeting

Payee                    Detail                     Amount           VAT        Total

Staff Costs            Staff Costs              £1114.85         N/A        £1114.85

Strawsons             Christmas Tree       £310.00        £62.00     £372.00


7. Precept

To discuss and approve precept amount for 2020/21

Discussion on precept. Over last few years reserves have been allowed to slip below safe levels. First step this year will try and get reserves back. There are ongoing continuing costs to maintain cemeteries and there has been unexpected work on trees due to weather and possible costs for trees for next 12 months. Following the floods, it is important to maintain the community spirit and invest in a June activity day, to bring the community together

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to accept precept amount of £33,119.15

Action: Clerk to complete Precept form


Discussion on hanging baskets. To be discussed further at Marketing meeting and bring back to Council

b) Raffle – Lottery form

Raised £393.15 – will go towards Christmas decorations.

Action: Clerk to send form back

c) June 13th Community event

Discussion on ideas. Tea dance, sports day, various activities. Email Cllr Bowkett any ideas

d) Community Award

To start in school. Council to make a list of where it will go next and advertise locally


13. Emergency Planning Meeting

Update on emergency planning meeting

Meeting required to start filling form. Will be held at Croft Village Hall on 20th January time at 7pm

Action: Clerk to email invites


14. Website and emails

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for website and emails

Discussion on emails, GDPR and FOI. Cllrs are happy to keep their personal emails

Discussion on website for compliance for September 2020. Cllr Allen to work with new Clerk on website


15. ELR50

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for ELR50 visit to Wainfleet All Saints

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to allow them to have the Market Place on agreed dates. Action: Clerk to email correspondence to ELR50 requesting that any hiring complies with rules and regulations on dates to be agreed by us in the future


16. RBL

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for RBL 2020 for Wainfleet All Saints

Meeting Thursday 16th at Woolpack 7pm

Someone from the Council will meet with M Rust President of the Wainfleet Branch RBL


17. Correspondence:

To discuss correspondence received

• LALC edition 171

• Email read out by Clerk: “I would like to thank you for making the town look so festive for Christmas. and the poppies for Remembrance Day. Thank you for all your hard work for looking out for Wainfleet well done.”

• Yellow lines concerns in High Street – Cllr Bowkett looking into

• Request for disabled swing / equipment in play area from a member of the public. P&A to look into and clerk to respond that the Council are keen on making it happen but need to look into

• Queens garden party. Previous Mayor to be nominated

• Go skeg invite – emailed

• Email land drainage board and plot of land with no owner listed

• Discussion on having a book of condolence


18. Agenda Items for next meeting and to agree the next meeting date as Tuesday 4th February 2020 and for working groups to set dates for meetings

In minutes


19. Meeting Close.