November 2020

Draft Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Wainfleet All Saints Town Council held at the Methodist Chapel on Tuesday 2nd November at 18.00hrs

Please note: Draft minutes are subject to amendment and approval at the next full council meeting.


Present: Mayor Cllr. D.Wickes (DW), Cllr. S.Baird (SB), Cllr. W.Bowkett (WB), Cllr. W.Hatchman (WH), Cllr. J.Hart (JH), Cllr. B. Allen (BA)

Also in attendance were : C.Cleary (Clerk), PCSO J. Richardson

Absent : Cllr. D. Kettleborough (DK), Cllr. V. Parker-Hill (VPH)


Mayor DW welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 18:00 hrs.


1. Police

Rob and Jayne still looking after Wainfleet

Working with all agencies re Covid.

Scams active in area (Amazon/ itunes cards)

Illegal Parking checks to be carried out in Wainfleet

No further complaints re dogs.


2. Public Session 

No members of public present

Mayor closed the public session at 6.10pm..

PCSO Jayne Richardson left meeting at 6.10pm


3. Apologies for absence

Cllrs. D.Kettleborough, J.Hart, V. Parker-Hill all accepted


4. Declarations of Interest

Football Club - WB


5. Minutes from the Council Meeting on 7th October

Minutes from the meetings held on 7th October had been previously circulated.

Amendments: None


Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to confirm the minutes as a true record of the decisions made.


6. Reports from External Agencies

Reports from LCC and ELDC Cllr. Wendy Bowkett.

Cllr Wendy Bowketts - November's brief:

LCC have received substantial government funding to support low income families which has been distributed to various local schemes including, Lincolnshire Food Partnership, YMCA Community Links Programme and Lincolnshire Resilience Forum.

Greater Lincolnshire Devolution bid not selected by government to progress. Discussions being held to decide best way forward.

Lincolnshire’s economy and food sector gets government backing for investment in automation and robotics.

Business & Residents Support

Aside from the support already outlined by HM Government further assistance is available from local government. Businesses can use the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub (contact Trudy Roberts ELDC and WLDC). DWP offering confidential support service and webinars to support businesses during the pandemic.

The DWP is also offering support to employees (assistance with CV, benefit advice, training and development and finding a job). Greater Lincolnshire LEP’s World of Work website has various resources to assist employees. Citizens Advice Service always available in difficult times.

NHS - Louth and Skegness and the Surrounding Areas:

A patient survey has recently been launched by the NHS on the continued temporary closure of the Louth and Skegness urgent treatment centres between 10 pm and 8 am, until 31 March 2021. We would like as many people as possible to respond to the NHS.

The short survey is found at the following link:

Broadband and working from home:

Any broadband connection can be used to work from home. Seek the best deal according to the speed you need and there is no need to switch to a business broadband deal to work from home.

Make your house a child's long-term home:

There is a real and urgent need for people to come forward to |ook after children who need a long-term foster family..lf you think you could offer a child this stability until they reach adulthood Lincolnshire Fostering Service would love to hear from you. For more information visit the fostering website or call 01522 554114.

The River Steeping desilting is moving into Wainfleet Town Centre, the first lagoon is full of silt and they will move onto the next lagoon in the next week. Work is hoping to be able to continue through to December.

Rates of Covid are increasing in Lincolnshire we must all remember to keep our distance and wear our masks in shops and enclosed spaces. Hopefully lock down will only be short lived but if anyone needs help please call me and I will endeavour to put you in touch with someone who can help you.


7. Clerk’s Report and Action Points from the previous minutes.


Xmas decorations – lights for clock tower and bus shelter obtained

Telephone & Broadband contract – as advised contract is fixed until May 2024

Fixed anchorage point for gazebos – still waiting on quotation

Sanitisers – sourced and quote obtained

PAT testing done and volunteers contacted

Clerks appraisal and new salary scale – discussed in closed session

Old website to be closed in December. New website progressing, but will take time reformatting existing documents.

Clerk to work from home during current lockdown.

Clerks hours for 4 week period to 9th October incurred 10.5 hrs overtime

Discussion on clerks hours. 

Proposed, seconded and resolved to approve the clerks hours and to allow up to 5 hrs extra per week when required up to year end.

Burials training course rescheduled for March 2021

Allotment training course rescheduled for early 2021 – 2 places are reserved.


8. Finance

To receive financial reports and updates. To approve payments and receipts. 


Proposed, seconded and resolved to approve October financial report.

Proposed, seconded and resolved to approve all payments and receipts.

Action : Clerk to write letter of appreciation to WSMPC for allowing the use of their facilities


Payments made over £100 in October for transparency.


Payee                                 Detail                                                     Amount        VAT          Total

Wainfleet School            Rent of playing field 2017-2020                £1500         £0.00      £1500

Paul Garrill                     Final invoice of year                                  £590           £0.00      £590

Ian Whittington               Work in Northolme Cemetery                   £1800         £0.00      £1800

DW Landscapes            All Saints Churchyard tree work               £840           £0.00     £840

Staff costs                      Staff costs to 06 November                      £642.42      £0.00     £642.42

Bits and bobs                 Gazebo set up/take down                        £210           £0.00     £210


9. Planning

To receive and discuss applications.

N 110/01435/20 – Extension of caravan site opening times  - Approved

S/194/01226/20 – Removal of BT payphone – Approved

S/194/01545/20- Extension/alterations 41 High Street - Approved



10. Market

Discussion on market place.


During current lockdown no market stalls to be set up. Food related traders may trade from their vehicles. Auction and market to be suspended until 2nd December and then await further clarification from HM Government.

Following lockdown, market to continue on a weekly basis until Christmas and thereafter monthly on the last Friday in January and February with resumption on a weekly basis as from Friday 26th March 2021.

Position on pitch fees to be reviewed early April 2021 after restarting.


Action: Clerk to contact stallholders and Ian Naylor regarding temporary closure of market.


11. Properties, Amenities and Burial Grounds


Northolme Cemetery & Closed Churchyards, Allotments, Market Place, Play Area and Playing Field,


Northolme Cemetery

Burial Plot 966

Ashes internment plot 314

Memorial plot 314


Closed churchyard – Trees removed




PLOT 17 available – next person on waiting list to be contacted

Action : Clerk to contact next potential tenant.


Report of fly tipping on plot 10

Action : WH to visit and evaluate.


Play Area and playing Field

Report of fallen trees on playing field with boundary to BT exchange building. Quote received to make safe the area. Clerk advised that planning permission is not required, but ELDC should be advised before work is done. Councillors felt that work needed to be done urgently as a safety issue.

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to accept the quote for remedial work on the trees concerned.

Action : DK to contact tree surgeon and arrange work to be done


Owner of land behind football containers – requires access to attend to trees. 

Action : WB to pass contact details to Clerk who will write to and authorise access, ask them to advise us beforehand and remind about PP for tree surgery in conservation area.


12.  Marketing & Promotions

Discussion on ELDC funding that is available to promote re-opening of the High Street following lockdown. We have been allocated up to £5000, 


Quotations obtained for sanitizing stations for distribution to local businesses and also for planters and banners. Discussion on wording for banners.

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to produce report required by ELDC to claim grant available and to make purchases.

Action : Clerk to prepare report for ELDC and arrange purchase of sanitizing stations, planters and banners.


13. Grass Cutting Contracts

Discussion on tender document for grass cutting/grounds maintenance.


Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to approve the final draft of the tender documents.


Discussion on publicising the tender documents.

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to advertise in local press, on WASTC website, notice boards, social media and Parish Magazine. Also, to invite current contractors to tender.

Action : Clerk to arrange advertisements accordingly.


14. Christmas

Discussion on decorating the town for the Christmas period.


Tree to go up Wednesday. All volunteers arranged for lights for Saturday, 

WB to send safety details to Clerk.

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to put up Christmas decorations on Saturday7th November

Cllr DK arrived at 7.40pm.


15. Development of Play Area


Discussion on development of play area.

Several useful comments on Facebook following publishing of September minutes.


Discussion on phased approach to play area – phase 1 gym equipment, repair surfacing and roundabout for wheelchair users. Donation available from Masons £3.5K to assist in development of play area. 


Action : WB/ WH/BA to check out suppliers, etc, Progress report by December meeting – final decision in January.


16. Caravan on Matt Pitts Lane


Caravan is no longer present.


17. Correspondence

a. Letter from Coronation Hall 

Discussion on contents of letter. Councillors extremely concerned that Coronation Hall Management Committee are unwilling to make Hall Covid safe. Suggestion that Methodist Hall could be an alternative venue to be used as a refuge in case of an emergency. 

Action: Clerk to contact Methodist Hall (with copy to S.Harris) requesting them to be the central refuge point in case of emergency, Emergency planning to be added to January agenda. Clerk to check minutes and place order for building sand.

Discussion on future office and storage options. Carried forward to next meeting.

b. Breakthrough Communications e-mail

Webinars available through November for councillors to ensure effective communication during the current pandemic.

c. Wainfleet Methodist Church Xmas Tree Celebration cancelled.


Council went into closed session at 7.55p.m. to discuss personal issues with reference to the clerk. Clerk left meeting at 7.55p.m. 


Mayor re-opened session at 8.05 pm and Clerk returned to meeting.


18. Agenda Items for next meeting





19. Date for next meeting 


Council meetings are normally on 1st Tuesday of month, but due to the latest restriction on movement, the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th December at 6pm in the Methodist Hall.

January 2021 Meeting to be held on Tuesday 12th January with a precept meeting held at 5pm followed by full council meeting at 6pm.


20. Meeting closed

Mayor DW thanked all those in attendance and closed the meeting at 8.10 pm.








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