March 2020

Notes of Town Council Meeting held in Coronation Hall, Wainfleet All Saints held on 3rd March 2020 at 6.30pm


Cllrs present: 

Mayor D Wickes (DW), Cllr J Hart (JH), Cllr W Hatchman (WH), Cllr D Kettleborough (DK), Cllr V Parker-Hill (VP), Cllr S Baird (SB)



    Cllr. W. Bowkett, Cllr B Allen (BA), PCSO Richardson


Also present:

Clerk C Cleary

2 members of the public

No police attendance


Mayor opened public meeting at 1830hrs


Member of public raised question on next stage of Emergency planning – advised that next meeting will be held on 4th April at 7.00 pm as advertised.


Mayor closed the public session and went into Council Session at 1840hrs  


Cllr. Baird arrived at 1850 hrs


1. Apologies for Absence

To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Town Clerk prior to the meeting.

       Cllr W Bowkett (WB).


2. Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011. (Members must declare any personal interest in any item on the agenda and state whether they are also prejudiced. In the case of personal interest, the member may speak and vote on the matter. In the case of prejudicial interests, the member must withdraw while the matter is discussed.)

Cllr Parker Hill - Cemetery 



3. Minutes from the Council Meeting on 4th February, 2020

To approve as a correct record the notes of the monthly meeting of the Council held on 4th February and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes.

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to approve minutes from 4th February 2020 



4. To receive brief reports from the representatives on outside bodies and the Town Clerk

S137 replies and payments sent with thank you letters received from Parish Nurses, Magdelen Museum and theatre group.

Clerk now registered with ELDC

Public Notice regarding proposed waiting restrictions to be published on 26/2– objections by 26/3


County council  and District Report

Additional funding for highways and flooding to be made available. Four extra gangs trying to catch up with backlog of potholes due to bad weather. Potholes should be reported on Fix My Street.

Fire and Rescue community plan being compiled. Available on the LCC website.

LCC new website now live

Lincolnshire’s bid to become a Centre for Better Aging has been successful and ELDC will deliver the service.

Severe flood warning issued in Wainfleet, Thorpe and Croft areas over weekend of 14th February. Cllr. Bowkett in close contact with EA ensuring everything was being done to alleviate flooding to property.

Section 19 heard and scrutiny committee upheld recommendations to the suggested works with the paper going back to committee in 3 months.

The River Steeping Catchment Steering Group /EA/ Lindsey Marsh will hold a meeting at Batemans on the 4th April 11am – 3pm  where the work plan for the steeping will be shown to the community, Matt Warman will be at the meeting he will announce  his  times in the coming weeks.


5. Councillor Vacancies

To discuss promotion of vacancies for Councillors 

Cllr Chantry resignation letter was read out and ELDC has been advised.

All councillors urged to promote the vacancies in the area.


6. RBL (brought forward from item 16)

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for RBL 2020 for Wainfleet All Saints

Discussion on bunting, attendance of events, Remembrance Day parade and Memorial Centenary.

Mayor closed the council session at 1900hrs to ask RBL the date of Memorial anniversary.

Mayor re-opened council session at 1905 hrs.


Cllr Bowkett to update council on VE grant application

Clerk to obtain quotes for 3x100m of Bunting up to £25.

Clerk to write to Pat Nicholas regarding bugler, standard bearer, list of names of those who lost their lives and to see if a military chaplain or armed forces representative would be attending.


7. Finance

To receive financial reports and updates. To approve payments and receipts.

Payment to Pest control put on hold until verification of what work has been done so far. WH and DK to contact him.

Coronation Hall rent review presented and approved.

Discussion on provision of ground maintenance by Blackmore. Need for more information from contractor on programme of works.

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to approve finances


Payments made over £100 in February for transparency

Payee                                              Detail                         Amount        VAT         Total

Parish Nursing                                 S137 Payment          £250.00      £0.00       £250.00

Wainfleet Theatre Group                 S137 Payment          £150.00      £0.00       £150.00

Magdalen Museum                          S137 Payment          £250.00      £0.00      £250.00

Skegness Scouts                             S137 Payment          £200.00      £0.00      £200.00

LALC                                                Annual fee                £375.65      £0.00      £375.65

Staff costs                                        Staff Costs                £634.00      £0.00      £634.00

Staff costs                                        Staff Costs                £382.48      £0.00      £382.48


8. Bank Account

Update on Bank Account. To discuss an agree on any actions required for Wainfleet All saints Town Council account in relation to the New Clerk and Wainfleet In Need Bank account.

Barclays Mandate now updated and on line banking active

Clerk to check with LALC re RFO authorising/preparing BACS payments


9. Clerk contract

Clerks contract has been prepared and agreed by council.

Discussion on contract. Overtime costs for training courses already organised and further Burials training course.

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to approve overtime costs and Clerks attendance at Burials training course.


10. Planning

To receive and discuss applications and any planning applications received between publication of agenda and the actual meeting will be added for discussion 

S/194/02275/19 has been approved 

0015/20/TCA – Removal of a tree in the TCA – no comments or objections


11. Properties, Amenities and Burial Grounds

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for Properties, Amenities and Burial Grounds


a) Northolme Cemetery  

Internment plot N172

Internment plot TBA (Margaret Patrick ashes in family plot)

New memorial work (Margaret Patrick in Baxter family plot)

Planings previously approved – load to be split between cemetery and allotments. DK to contact supplier.

WH to contact handyman to quote for laying of planings.


b) Closed Churchyards 

WH keeping it in good order.

c) Allotments

Letters sent to plot 6 & 14 – also met with both holders.

Despite reminders, plot 17 has still not paid and is in breach of the tenancy agreement. Clerk to write and advise of termination of agreement.

3 quotes for skip hire for 1 week-  Amawaste £205+VAT, Sid Dennis £158.06+VAT, Riddel skip hire DNQ

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to accept quote from Sid Dennis

Clerk to arrange for delivery of skip on Friday 27th March and to write to allotment holders advising this and that we will have a clearing party on Saturday 28th March at 10.00 a.m.

Discussion of enquiry to purchase from tenant of farming plot 1. Clerk to send copy of agreement to all councillors and draft letter of reply advising the tenant that due to legal difficulties we will not be able to sell at the present moment.

Discussion on available allotments. Clerk to advertise allotments on social media.


d) Market Place

Clarification on payment to clock winders.

e) Play Area and Playing Field

Playing field hire agreement – carried forward to next meeting, 

Receipt required for seed purchase -VP to follow up.

Floodlights had been seen to be still in place and not taken down as supposed to be. Clerk to write to football club advising that they must be taken down after each use.

New access gate in play area work in progress.

Discussion on condition of benches.

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED for Cllr. Kettleborough to buy preservative to apply to benches.


f) Fireproof storage for cemetery files and back up discs 

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure Fireproof storage for Cemetery Files and back up discs.

Discussion on logistics of getting fireproof storage to second floor. Clerk to write to Coronation Hall management committee requesting permission to have cabinet located in ground floor meeting room.



Discussion on weed in roads and kerbsides. Clerk to request information from WB to verify who does the spraying and investigate if we can do spraying ourselves.

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to spend up to £50 on weedkilling subject to approval from County.


12. Marketing & Promotions 

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for Marketing and Promotions


a) Marketing committee report

Marketing committee met on 25th February

Small Lottery Certificate in in name of previous clerk. Clerk to contact ELDC to change licence holder to Cllr. Wickes and verify when tickets can be put on sale.

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED that ticket price for raffle set at 50p per ticket. Spend up to £100 on tickets.

Cllrs. Will provide some prizes. First Prize £100, Second Prize £50, Third Prize Hamper.

Discussion on Town Crier. VP to contact previous town crier and seek approval to appoint a new one.

Flower tubs - plants for 4 x baskets, 4 x troughs, 8 x hay wracks  and 8 tubs.

Jean and don to go to price up and bring to council.


b) Flower Tubs 

Discussion on flower tubs and plants. Quote received for £236 for flowers, compost, etc.

Proposed second and resolved to allow DK to spend up to £250 (ex Vat).

c) June 13th Community event

Discussed at marketing committee meeting on 25th February 2020.

Helpers – in hand

Various activities already being arranged.

Batemans to be contacted for lorry

VP to contact prior town crier

Next meeting 13th March 10.00 am

d) Community Award

Still in school.


13. Emergency Planning Meeting 

Update on emergency planning meeting 

Clerk met with Environment Agency on 28th February. Next scheduled meeting on 31st March – venue TBA. Will require 2 members from each town/parish council to attend meeting and sit on panel.


14. Website 

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for website

Clerk booked in to attend training course on 21st April


15. ELR50 

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for ELR50 visit to Wainfleet All Saints 

Reply from ELR50 read out.


16. Coronation Hall

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for the annual rent review of the Council offices.

See Finance.


17.  Fishing Pegs 

To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure in relation to Fishing Pegs

Awaiting reply from WSM


18. Correspondence:

To discuss correspondence received

Rural services Network Funding e-mail sent out 21/2

Lincs. Lowlands search & rescue – Clerk to reply advising to apply through S137

Great British Spring Clean – no council involvement

Community Lincs. Update sent 21/2

LALC e-news sent 21/2

LTN 45 sent 25/2

Lincs best kept village comp finished CPRE Lincs dissolved.

DW prepare letter to previous clerk thanking her for service.

Agenda Items for next meeting and to agree the next meeting date as Tuesday 7th April 2020 

Electric car charging point for town square.


19. Meeting Close.

Mayor to close the meeting and thank everyone for attending

Meeting closed at 20.55


Date: 3rd March, 2020