September 2020

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Wainfleet All Saints Town Council held at Wainfleet St Marys Village Hall on Tuesday 1st September at 18.00hrs

Present: Mayor Cllr. D.Wickes (DW), Cllr. W.Bowkett (WB), Cllr. J.Hart (JH), Cllr. S.Baird (SB), Cllr. D. Kettleborough (DK), Cllr. W.Hatchman (WH), Cllr. V. Parker-Hill (VPH), Cllr. B. Allen (BA)

Also in attendance were: C.Cleary (Clerk),  2 members of public arrived at 7.00pm

Absent : None


Mayor DW welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 18:00 hrs.


1. Police

Jayne sent her apologies and e-mailed the following report:

  •  Trend of larger garden ornaments being stolen (2 people to carry)
  •  We still have concerns in relation to the rise in telephone Scams – not so much in Wainfleet – the Scams are saying police will collect money/bank details etc.  Also the TV email scam is going round again
  •  We have been made of a few issues in the Wainfleet play park area (camping etc) and are carrying out passing attention.


2. Public Session 

No members of the public were present at 18:00hrs.. Council went immediately into session.

See point 14.


3. Apologies for absence



4. Declarations of Interest

WB – Football Field


5. Minutes from the Council Meeting on 4th August 2020

Minutes from the meetings held on 4th August had been previously circulated.

Amendments: None

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to confirm the minutes as a true record of the decisions made.


6. Reports from External Agencies

Reports from LCC and ELDC Cllr. Wendy Bowkett.

As this is the normal holiday period for councillors, Cllr. Bowkett had nothing to report for this meeting.


7. Clerk’s Report and Action Points from the previous minutes.

  • Xmas decorations – tree decs were from Home Bargains, unlikely to be able to get anything the same.
  • ACTION : Clerk to source new light strings for Clock tower, bus shelter and High Street
  • Spoke with Tom Jenkins – existing lights are a bit of a “hybrid” – different connectors required, etc. Also asked about quote to replace damaged light on Buttercross
  •  Letter still to be prepared for residents whose properties to be affected by connections
  •  PAT Testing – discussion on Pat Testing and if it could be done in-house.
  • Action :  Clerk to contact insurers to see if we can do it.
  • Japanese knotweed – see item 13
  • New gate for corner of field – pending.
  •  Standing Order review – pending.


Clerks Hours for 4 week period ending 14th August as follows:

W/E 24th July : 16.00 hrs (includes visit to Spilsby Market and meeting with Ian Naylor)

W/E 31st  July : 17.00 hrs (Japanese Knotweed site visits and website training)

W/E 7th August : 15.00 hrs  (Council meeting)

W/E 14th August : 15.00 hrs (Meetings for market, risk assessment course)

Total : 63.00 hrs = overtime 15 hrs.

As advised by council at last meeting, DW has been informed of the hours on a regular basis.


Website development

Quote received to do work to changeover website received – suggest wait as still lots of discussion with ELDC as to what has to be done.


8. Finance

To receive financial reports and updates. To approve payments and receipts. 


Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to approve August financial report

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to approve all payments and receipts.


Payments made over £100 in July for transparency : 

Payee                           Detail                                             Amount       VAT       Total

Smith of Derby            Clock Service                                £221.00       £44.20    £265.20

Staff Costs                  Staff Costs                                     £620.01      £0.00      £620.01

PitBitz Ltd.                  Gazebos for market                      £2069.88    £413.97   £2483.85

Wainfleet Junior FC   S137 payment                               £200.00       £0.00      £200.00


Finance committee has not held a meeting for some time. Agreed that a meeting to be held on Thursday 1st October at 4.00pm (date and location to be confirmed).



According to the councils financial regulations, the RFO should hold a debit card for payments rather than use personal cards. 

Action : Clerk to complete application form and send to Barclays.


9. Planning

To receive and discuss applications.

S/194/00972/20 has been approved

S/194/01226/20/IC – removal of public phone

0067/20/TCA – Tree removal



10. Market

Discussion on market place.

Although going very well there is need to have additional stalls, especially fruit & veg.

Setting up stalls cannot be handled long term by councillors. 

Action : Clerk to speak to Antony Carlyle if he can assist. If not the we need to advertise position. Costs up to £60 to include litter pick

Storage of gazebos and ancillary equipment is becoming cramped due to Ian Naylor having some of his property in the bus shelter.

Action : Clerk to speak to Ian Naylor advising that bus shelter is primarily for Council storage use, and not for the auction.

The growth of the market is showing that we do not have enough gazebos to cover all traders.

PROPOSED, SECCONDED AND RESOLVED to  purchase 2 extra gazebos. 


11. Properties, Amenities and Burial Grounds


Northolme Cemetery & Closed Churchyards, Allotments, Market Place, Play Area and Playing Field,


Northolme Cemetery

1 internment plot 224

3 Memorials plots 212, 1075 and 1078

Cemetery records update – Clerk met with VPH to discuss priorities – sections to be tackled one at a time so that time required can be established.


Discussion on tidying up of Northolme cemetery. Still awaiting quote for topsoil and labour involved.

Action : WH to follow up and report at next meeting.

Hedge at Northolme cemetery is still not adequately maintained.

Action : Clerk to contact Blackamores and require them to finish cutting the hedge.



Plots 10, 12, 17 still not good. Monitoring to continue and report at next meeting.


Plot 17 formal notice to quit sent – new tenant from waiting list to be advised on availability.


12. Marketing & Promotions

Discussion on ELDC funding that is available to promote re-opening of the High Street following lockdown. We have been allocated up to £5000, however there are strict rules on what the funding can be used for. We have also been given some banners, flags and pavement signage to assist.

Action : Clerk to get prices for planters, sanitising stations, sanitiser and circulate prices to councillors. Also to contact ELDC to obtain any extra signage if available.


13. Japanese Knotweed

.Discussion on Japanese Knotweed located on playing field and review of quotations.

Responses from suppliers to questions raised by council last month had been sent out, but nothing received from LCC.

POST SCRIPT – LCC replied on 2nd September advising they outsourced treatment to third parties for eradication with guarantee. Discussion on 2 quotes received from Inspecta and Japanese Knotweed Ltd. Decision to go with Inspecta based on type of treatment, area covered and guarantee provided.

PROPOSED, SECONDED and RESOLVED to accept the quotation from Inspecta Ltd.

Action :Clerk to contact Inspecta to commence work at earliest opportunity.


14. Public Session

As members of the public arrived at 7.00 pm, Mayor DW closed the council session at 7.15 pm and opened the public session.

Comment from member of public regarding a property within the town allegedly having aggressive dogs in the property, but dangerously close to the public. The incident had been reported to police but with no action apparently being taken.

Action : Clerk to contact PCSO JR what we can do or contact dog warden 01507601111.

Update from member of public regarding the bike meet scheduled for 5th September. Requested car park closure from Friday after the auction and market. Councillors offered full support for this event.

Public session was closed at 7.30pm and the council session re-opened, Members of the public left at 7.30pm.


15. Storage facilities

Discussion on storage/office options. Possibilities discussed include OAP Hall, Magdalen Museum, empty shop, and Coronation Hall.

Council expressed concern that it had been alleged that the Coronation Hall committee is not quorate. Also, that as tenant we can’t use meeting place. Discussion on position of council as custodian trustee of the Coronation Hall.

Deferred to next meeting to discuss future options after receiving replies from Coronation Hall. (See item 18 a).


16. Development of play area

Discussion on upgrading of play area, options included zip wire, outdoor gym equipment, all inclusive play equipment, Multi use court. Councillors to bring research to next meeting. Council to invite public to suggest ideas for what they would like to see in the play area.

Action : Cllr. B.A, to draw up questionnaire for review by council.


17. Electric car charging points for Market Place

Discussion on the possibility to install an electric car charging point in Market Place.

Action : Cllr. SB to investigate grants available and report back to next meeting.


18. Correspondence

a. Additional special requirements requested by Coronation Hall to re-open the office.

Letter discussed by council. Council believed that as tenants, we should not have any further restrictions placed on our tenancy by Coronation Hall.

PROPOSED, SECONDED AND RESOLVED to reject the additional clauses.

Action : Clerk to write back advising that we see no reason for extra clauses, to advise that we understand that the Management Committee is not quorate and to send them a copy of the risk assessment already done for the office.

b. Floodlights request

Letter discussed by council.

Proposed, seconded and Resolved to allow WUJFC to prepare the planning application for the installation of the floodlights which will then be submitted by the council and costs to be paid by WUJFC.

Action : Clerk to advise FC to go ahead, and request a  list of fixtures/training session.

c. Haines Watts – pension auto enrolment.

Haines Watts quoted for renewal of the pension autoenrollment. Clerk advised that he can do this. 

Action: Clerk to auto enrol before 6th December 


JH apologised and left meeting at 20.00 hrs


Mayor DW closed the council session at 20:15 hrs and went into closed session to discuss administrative matters. Closed session.


19. Closed Session.


20. Agenda Items for next meeting

  •  Christmas
  •  Grass cutting contracts
  •  Play area development
  •  Electric car charging points
  •  Market management
  •  Storage and office facilities

Further agenda items should be notified to the clerk no later than Monday 28th September.


21. Date for next meeting Wednesday 7th October 6.00 pm


22. Meeting closed

Mayor DW thanked all in attendance and declared the meeting closed at 20:55hrs




I certify these minutes to be a true record of the meeting held on 1st September 2020.





Mayor / Cllr 

Date: 7th October, 2020