October 2020

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Wainfleet All Saints Town Council held at Wainfleet St Marys Village Hall on Wednesday 7th October, 2020 at 18.00hrs

Present:  Mayor Cllr. D.Wickes (DW), Cllr. S.Baird (SB), Cllr. J.Hart (JH), Cllr. D. Kettleborough (DK), Cllr. W.Hatchman (WH), Cllr. V. Parker-Hill (VPH), Cllr. B. Allen (BA)

Also in attendance were: C.Cleary (Clerk)

Absent : Cllr. W.Bowkett (WB)


Mayor DW welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 18:00 hrs.


1. Police

Jayne sent her apologies and e-mailed the following report:

  • The Wainfleet neighbourhood Police Team are continuing with HV patrols in and around the area
  • The dog reports we were receiving in relation to Carr Lane hopefully has been resolved.  Myself and the dog warden went and had a lengthy chat with the dog owners.   ( a wooden barrier has now been put up at the gated area)
  • There are still concerns in regards to “Scams” especially the ones where people are being contacted and requested to pay for a testing kit
  • We are continuing to hold monthly “catch up” meetings with Dist. Cllr. Bowkett
  • We joined a Platform Housing officer on a “walk about” around Patten Ave/Mawson Gardens area where a few residents did come out and speak with us – there issues to be dealt with by appropriate agencies.  

2. Public Session 

No public present


3. Apologies for absence

Cllr. W.Bowkett


4. Declarations of Interest



5. Minutes from the Council Meeting on 1st September 2020

Minutes from the meetings held on 1st September had been previously circulated.

Amendments:  None


Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to confirm the minutes as a true record of the decisions made.


6. Reports from External Agencies

Reports from LCC and ELDC Cllr. Wendy Bowkett.

Lincolnshire County Council is looking for residents to join a new 'County Views' residents' panel to help shape services and develop ideas. 

The residents' panel is a joint venture between the councils in Greater Lincolnshire, to help understand issues which matter, develop local priorities, evaluate their services and identify ways to improve in the future. 

Residents involved in the panel will be asked to take part in online surveys or polls, have face to face opportunities to share their thoughts and also get the chance to test out and develop new ideas. Have your say about our services 

East Lindsey investment of £28m outlined by county council: 

Over the past four years the council has invested around £28m in improving and expanding services for the residents of East Lindsey. 

Lincolnshire Here4You Line: 

The Lincolnshire Here4You line is a joint advice and self-referral line between CAMHS and Healthy Minds Lincolnshire. Advice and guidance is available via the Lincolnshire Here4You line on 01522 309120 Mon-Fri (9.30-16.30). 

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has launched a campaign to encourage everyone to respect, protect and enjoy the outdoors. It aims to encourage people to responsibly dispose of PPE (face coverings and gloves), take their litter home and follow the Countryside Code. 

For more details please see the government advice on Accessing Green Spaces Safely , the Countryside code and #RespectProtectEnjoy on Twitter.

The steeping river, the desilting is well underway, and going well, the lagoon is filling up, there is an up to date leaflet giving you information of what is happening over the next few weeks .

 East Lindsey is putting in for an extended season which would take us to Jan 4th , closing till march, this is to try and give businesses longer to recover after the closures. This will only be open to caravans etc who can supply a full risk assessment for evacuation and show their premises are insulated, heating etc, so it will not be everyone that can apply.


Notes from Finance Committee meeting held on 1st October

  •  Review of current responsibilities of F&GP group – no further revision required.
  •  Review of year to date income and expenses – discussed and variances explained.
  •  Xmas decorations – only clock and bus shelter to have new lighting this year. Clerk to send out possible supplier details. A 5 year plan should be established by the Marketing and Promotions committee.
  • TRJ to be contacted to test lights and sockets. Notice board lights also not working and coloured lights around clock tower need checking.
  • Discussion on Market – Paul Garrill to be contacted to recommend and quote for installation of fixed anchorage points. Propose to allow stall holders free use until end of current financial year.
  • Discussion on Play area – Paul Garrill to be contacted to see if he can suggest anything for the uneven surface.
  • Discussion on S137 payments – to go to full council.
  • Discussion on rent due to LAAT. Clerk to ring fence owed rent. Clerk to contact LAAT and ask if the work we have done to improve the area can be taken into consideration against the rents.
  • Discussion on Grants – Clerk to put up notice asking for applications for grants.
  • Discussion on cemetery – Clerk to ask WH for update on work already approved.
  • Discussion on Financial regulations – Clerk advised changes to the original document used as a template for our current regulations, Clerk to prepare details of changes and is necessary produce an amended document for review.
  • Discussion on banking – bank accounts to be reviewed at financial year end.
  • Discussion on Coronation Hall – to be brought to full council for decision under closed session. Question regarding availability of Hall for emergencies?

7. Clerk’s Report and Action Points from the previous minutes.

Matters arising from last meeting

Xmas decorations – potential supplier has been sourced.

Finance committee – met on 1st October

Clerk now has debit card for Barclays

Bus Shelter storage use now organised

2 extra gazebos purchased

Hedge cutting at Northolme – completed

ELDC 5K grant for re-opening High Street – supplier of sanitizing stations sourced – clerk preparing application. See item 12.

Japanese Knotweed -phase 1 complete. Inspecta to return in winter for phase 2.

Aggressive dogs – see police report

Storage/Office facilities – discussed under correspondence in closed session

WUJFC Planning application – discussed under playing field

Pension auto enrolment – done.


Still pending from previous meetings

New gate for corner of field and review of standing orders

New website development

Clerks Appraisal – discussed in closed session 


8. Finance

To receive financial reports and updates. To approve payments and receipts. 


PROPOSED, SECONDED AND RESOLVED to approve September financial report


PROPOSED, SECONDED AND RESOLVED to approve all payments and receipts.


Payments made over £100 in September for transparency : 

Payee                           Detail                                             Amount       VAT       Total

Local pest control         Mole treatment                             £225.00       £0.00      £225.00

Staff Costs                  Staff Costs                                     £627.48       £0.00      £627.48

PitBitz Ltd.                  Gazebos for market                       £1358.22     £271.64   £1629.86

TA Blackamore           Quarterly grounds maintenance    £2000.50     £400.10   £2400.60

Paul Garrill                  August Invoice                              £420.00        £0.00      £420.00

PKF Littlejohn             External Audit                               £200.00        £40.00    £240.00

Inspectas                    Japanese Knotweed treatment    £1500.00      £300.00  £1800.00


Telephone & Broadband contract is up for review. 

Action : Clerk to investigate options and alternatives


9.  Planning

To receive and discuss applications.

N 110/01435/20 – Opening of caravan sites all year round -Councillors raised no objections but commented that said caravan sites should not have permanent year round residency.

S/194/01545/20 – 41 High St. – Councillors raised no objections.

S/194/01012/20 – Change of Use for Wainfleet Chippy approved

194/00529/19/S – 2 Spilsby Road enforcement in place

Action: Clerk to reply with comments to LCC


10. Market

Discussion on market place.

Market continues to grow and is well supported by local community.

New contractor to erect and dismantle gazebos starting this week

Quote required to install fixed anchorage points for gazebos.

Action : Clerk to obtain quote.


11. Properties, Amenities and Burial Grounds


Northolme Cemetery & Closed Churchyards, Allotments, Market Place, Play Area and Playing Field,


Northolme Cemetery

Nothing new to report in terms of burials, memorials and reservations.


Discussion on state of graves in Northolme. Verbal quotation received for £1800 to repair 10 graves. Estimate 3 days work and WH to assist. Written quote requested. Work estimated to start on 19th October.



Closed churchyard – 3 trees need removing – already dead – WH to photograph before work is done.



Plot 17 now available and will be offered to first person on waiting list. No rent will be required this year due to untidy state, but deposit will be required.

ACTION : Clerk to contact next person on waiting list.


Play Area and playing Field


Japanese knotweed update – next visit in winter


Planning Application for floodlights for WUJFC.

Discussion on planning application.

Council are sympathetic to future neds of WUJFC, but planning fee will need to be reimbursed.

Proposed seconded, resolved to submit and pay the planning application and advise WUJC that the fee will need to be reimbursed to council.


Tree stumps on playing field originated from WUJFC cutting down trees without permission. 

Action :Clerk to write to WUJFC to get tree stumps removed from field without further delay. Noting vehicle access during winter months.


12.  Marketing & Promotions

Discussion on ELDC funding that is available to promote re-opening of the High Street following lockdown. We have been allocated up to £5000, 


Council to check with local businesses on need/demand for sanitisers. Purchase should be made in line with demand.

Proposed, seconded and resolved to purchase up to 25 sanitisers (subject to demand) and 2 planters.


REQUEST FROM FINANCE COMMITTEE – M&P committee to look at a 5year plan for Xmas lighting

Mayor closed session at 7.10 pm to discuss item 13


13. Grass Cutting Contracts

Due to the sensitive nature of contracts, this item was discussed in closed session.

Session re-opened at 7.30



14. Christmas

Discussion on Christmas lighting.

Brackets to be checked. 

Action : DK to organise


PAT TESTING – to be done along with other work in market square.

Action : WB to arrange working party to prepare for PAT testing


Ask Fire brigade, Mark Eldin, Wingate Lenton, Richard Kisby, Chris Jackson to assist in putting up lights.

Action: Clerk to contact volunteers to assist with putting up of lights.




SET UP LIGHTS   7TH November

SWITCH ON        28th November


15. Development of Play Area

Discussion on play area.

Councillors noted that there had already been some positive suggestions on social media.

Councillors recognised that this was a major project and would likely take some time to prepare.

There was recollection that a questionnaire had been previously prepared some time ago and could be re-used.

Action : SB to send questionnaire to Clerk for circulation.


16. Electric car charging points for Market Place

Discussion on Electic charging points for market square.

SB had made enquiries with suppliers with no company interested in making site visit. Initial views are that costs could be prohibitive. 


17.  Correspondence

a. Coronation Hall  correspondence

Discussed in closed session at end of meeting


b. Planning application from WUJFC

Discussed in Item 11.


c. Overgrown bush in Northholme

Report of overgrown bush/shrubs in garden of rest area.

Action : WH/DK to inspect on 12th October and revert with details of action required. If necessary Clerk to contact TA Blackamore to remove debris.


d. LALC Newsletter

Letter dealt with courses currently available to councillors and a reduced subscription to Zoom. Discussion on video conferencing. Microsoft Teams offer a free package comparable with Zoom. 

Action : Councillors to advise clerk of any training requirements

Action: BA and Clerk to review set up of Teams from meeting locations to allow greater public access.


e. LALC Elections

Notification of LALC elections.

Action : Councillors to contact LALC if interested in joining board of LALC


f. E-mail regarding dogs in Northolme Cemetery

New and additional signage has been prepared and will be installed within the week. Situation to be monitored.

Action: Clerk to respond advising of new signage and councils decision.


Mayor closed session at 8.10 pm to discuss item 17a

Session re-opened at 8.55 pm


18.  Agenda Items for next meeting

Caravan on Matt Pitts Lane Accollaid case 194/00784/19 – update


19.  Date for next meeting Tuesday 3rd November at 6.00 pm


20.  Meeting closed

The Mayor thanked all those in attendance and closed the meeting at 9.05 pm.




I certify these minutes to be a true record of the meeting held on 7th  October 2020.





Mayor / Cllr 

Date: 2nd November 2020