August 2020

Minutes from the ordinary meeting of Wainfleet All Saints Town Council held on Tuesday 4th August 2020 at 18:00 hrs

Present: Cllr. S.Baird (SB), Cllr. W.Bowkett (WB), Cllr. J.Hart (JH), Cllr. D. Kettleborough (DK), Cllr. W.Hatchman (WH), Cllr. V. Parker-Hill (VPH), Cllr. B. Allen (BA)

Also in attendance were: C.Cleary (Clerk)

Absent : Mayor Cllr. D.Wickes (DW)


Deputy Mayor WB welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 6.05pm.


1. Police

Jayne sent her apologies and e-mailed the following report:

  • The Wainfleet NPT are continuing with HV patrols in the town and surrounding areas
  •  With the opening up of caravan sites and public places we are going to Skegness for added support to our colleagues there, when they have missing children/vulnerable persons etc
  •  There has been a rise in telephone Scams especially related to covid – eg over inflated prices of items, saying people need to be tested and there is a charge etc and usual tricks for getting a persons bank details
  •  Not our areas but there has been an increase in shed break ins (Skegness has had a big rise in reported incidents)
  •  Have begun meetings with ELDC dog warden – will get some pavement spraying done when possible/signs up if required etc
  •  Trend of larger garden ornaments being stolen (2 people to carry)
  • Spoke with residents and Platform Housing asking them to use the bays supplied



2. Public Session

One member of the public sent in a question regarding the flood prevention work and requested to attend the meeting by video link. The question was answered prior to the meeting. Unfortunately, due to internet connection issues, he was unable to view the meeting. An apology was sent to the resident


3. Apologies for absence

Cllr. DW


4. Declarations of Interest

WB – Football Field


5. Minutes from the Council Meeting on 7th July and emergency meeting held on 16th July 2020

Minutes from the meetings held on 7th July and 16th July had been previously circulated.

Amendments: None

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to confirm the minutes as a true record of the decisions made.


6. Reports from External Agencies

Reports from LCC and ELDC Cllr. Wendy Bowkett.

County Council 

Household Waste Recycling Centres to accept more waste types from July 6 

Changes to support / encourage cycling and walking: 

Lincolnshire County Council has submitted plans to the Department for Transport for funding to make changes to our town and city streets. 

The measures will initially be temporary to allow them to be implemented as quickly as possible. However, each intervention will be assessed and could be made permanent. 

LCC is planning for the safe phased re-opening of our library facilities starting on 13 July, in line with government guidance. Hubs, mostly run by the community, will re-open later into the summer. 

To ensure libraries are as safe as possible there will be a new phone and reserve book collection service at many sites, along with limited use of computers. Safety measures will include more frequent cleaning, stock quarantining and hand sanitising stations. 

Remember that the digital library is available where library members can access thousands of e-books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines, e-newspapers and e-music. See for more details. 

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust is organising drive through sites for HOV vaccinations during July/August.

East Lincolnshire Railway Petition: 

There is an active petition calling for the reopening of the line that is named Reopen the East Lincolnshire Railway. 

The link to the petition is: 

Virtual band gets in harmony! 

A moving version of Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' by the Horncastle MAT Jazz Band can be enjoyed on YouTube. 

All the young performers, from Years 7 to 13, recorded themselves at home and the piece was arranged by David Chambers of the Lincolnshire Music Service. 

The MAT Jazz Band draws from the secondary schools of Banovallum and Queen Elizabeth's Grammar and is co-ordinated by school staff in conjunction with Lincolnshire Music Service. 

East Lindsey Report 

The Alliance with Boston District Council has been agreed with savings of £15.4 million over next 10 years through sharing of executive and key staff positions. 

The works on the River Steeping will get moving starting the 3rd and 4th August with a deep week cut, getting the river ready for the desilting boat and equipment arriving 3rd week September, the works will continue till Christmas. 

Covid 19 is in the recovery phase with the shielding food parcels finishing at the end of July, help is still available for anyone vunerable, the Wellbeing service is on hand should any resident need assistance. 


Report from Xmas Committee

Bus shelter. 30.6 metres of new icicle lights to be obtained


Clock tower, Uplighter bulbs to be changed to white. Blanket of lights to be obtained for under clock face. 


Buttercross : Battery operated lights to be looked at.


Street decoration : Additional requirements as follows:

From Market place to Magdalen Road, 16 trees, 16 light sets,16 brackets and 6 junction boxes.

From Market Place to railway, 18 trees, 16 light sets, 18 brackets and 3 junction boxes.

All at same spacing as in market place.

Action : Clerk to obtain quote for additional trees and to prepare letter for residents whose property will be used.

TJ Jenkins to be contacted to meet councillors and check electrical requirements

Clerk to check how many spare trees/brackets in storage


New trees to have multi coloured lights

Discussion on PAT testing – quote to be compared with cost of training.

Proposal to obtain a container for our own storage – postponed to September meeting.

Switch on – 28th November, 7th November to set up lights. Take down 9th January.


7. Clerk’s Report and Action Points from the previous minutes.

  •  Letters sent to allotment tenants plots 12 and 17 – reply received from plot 12
  •  Replacement swing purchased and installed
  •  New picnic benches purchased and installed
  •  New gate for corner of field – pending.
  •  Standing Order review – pending.
  • Footpath bridge – now replaced.


Hours to be approved for 4 week period ending 17th July as follows:

W/E 26th June : 16.50 hrs

W/E 3rd July    : 12.75 hrs

W/E 10th July  : 13.00 hrs

W/E 17th July  : 20.00 hrs

Total : 62.25 hrs = overtime 14.25 hrs.

Clerks holiday 2 weeks 9th to 22nd September.

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to approve clerks hours and holiday request.


Clerks previously approved training coming up : 

5th August – new website training

11th August – Risk assessment course.


8. Finance

To receive financial reports and updates. To approve payments and receipts. 

Payments of all invoices outstanding approved by e-mail prior to meeting and ratified at this meeting.

Approval of Finance Report for July

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to approve July financial report

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to approve all payments and receipts.

Payments made over £100 in July for transparency : 

Payee                           Detail                                             Amount       VAT       Total

Staff costs                      Staff costs                                      £620.41     £0.00      £620.41

Came & Co.                   Annual Insurance                           £2172.92   £0.00      £2172.92

Thomas Faithfull            New picnic benches                       £270.00     £0.00      £270.00


Note : no invoices received from grass cutting contractors in July.


Water bill for market square resolved now £21 in credit


2 enquiries from external auditors on AGAR form – one was a mistake by the internal auditor,(provision of exercise of public rights marked as N/A) now rectified. The second is regarding two invoices entered in March, but paid by BACS in April. Now resolved and corrections sent to external auditors.

Period for exercise of public rights has passed with no enquiries from the public.


9. Planning

To receive and discuss applications.

None received


10. Properties, Amenities and Burial Grounds

Northolme Cemetery & Closed Churchyards, Allotments, Market Place, Play Area and Playing Field,


Northolme Cemetery

2 provisional reservations

2 Memorials installed

Enquiry for plot has shown that we need to completely update our records as there as substantial gaps. Action : Clerk to estimate hours required to update records.

Discussion on grass cutting, Clerk to contact Blackamores re hedges on Croft Lane.

Wheelie bin to be relocated to Croft Lane after emptying.

Action : DK to move bin, clerk to arrange emptying and advise Sid Dennis of new location of bin.



Addition to waiting list

Plot 12 reply – review in 3 months

Plot 10 – clerk to contact and ask on plans

Plot 17 no reply – vacate and advise new tenant after 28 day notice period

WH to strim near allotment sign.

Market place tubs – watering rota agreed.

Bin from coronation hall to be put in play area.


11. Market Place Development



Initially 10 enquiries to have stalls, application forms sent out only 3 replies received.

First Friday market to be on 21st August.

Clerk to chase up other applicants. Councillors to send details of other possible interested parties to clerk. Clerk to purchase 2 gazebos as previously agreed.

Discussion on motorbike meet.

Letter initially received from M.Rust wishing to organise motorbike meet. Council had no objections. Meet to be organised by M.Rust in September.


12. Playing Field

To discuss the following :

Japanese knotweed on the playing field. Discussion on 2 quotes that had been obtained to treat the knotweed on the playing field. Further information required to make decision namely :

  •  LCC policy on knotweed
  •  Guarantees from companies who supplied quotes
  •  Natural control methods (e.g tree planting)

Action : Clerk to seek advice on the above points


Current use and development of the playing field.

Discussion on use and possible further developments for sports facilities on playing field. WB to contact FC to propose development of area including changing facilities.


Hire agreement for the playing field.

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED  to accept the hire agreement.


13. Correspondence

To discuss correspondence

Various e-mail correspondence circulated during the month.

E-mails from P.Nicholas ref. wreath for VJ day and wreaths for Remembrance Sunday.

Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to purchase one £20 wreath for VJ Day and one £50 wreath for Remembrance Sunday.


14. Agenda Items for next meeting

Storage facilities

Japanese knotweed

Development of Play area

Electric car charging points for market place



15. Meeting Close.


16. Next meeting date agreed as 1st September 2020




I certify these minutes to be a true record of the meeting held on 4th August 2020.





Mayor / Cllr 

Date: 1st September, 2020

Initial:……….. Date: 1st September, 2020