June 2020

Mayor Cllr. D.Wickes (DW) Cllr. S.Baird (SB) Cllr. W.Bowkett Cllr. J.Hart (JH) Cllr. D. Kettleborough (DK) Cllr. W.Hatchman (WH) Cllr. V. Parker-Hill (VPH)

Also in attendance were: C.Cleary (Clerk)  Members of public  1

Absent : Cllr. B.Allen

Mayor DW welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 6.30pm.

1. Public Session
A question regarding the Charity Land was submitted prior to the meeting and circulated to Councillors. DW replied advising that the Clerk had already submitted a written response and confirmed that the Charity Land did not fall under the responsibility of the Town Council and that any correspondence in respect should be addressed to the Wainfleet in Need Charity Trust.

2. Apologies for absence.
None received.

3. Declarations of interest
DW – Item 6e. and 7c.
WB – Item 7c.

4. Draft Minutes

Minutes from the e-mail meeting held on 10th April had been previously circulated.

Amendments: None
Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to confirm the minutes as a true record of the decisions made.

5. Reports from External Agencies

Report from LCC and ELDC Cllr. W.Bowkett.
Covid-19 – LCC and partners are providing services and support, especially to those at high risk.  If you know anyone who needs help and support please visit our website www.lincolnshire.gov.uk or call on 01522 782189.

Resilience Grant -£1500 still available. If you know of any group needing support now or going forward that gives a service to the community please put your request into www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/communityfund.

Grass verge cutting – 3 cuts this year, more details on LCC website.

Household Waste Recycling – Now open by appointment only. Booking can be made up to 2 weeks in advance either on line or call 01522 782070.

Highways – Latest programme is available on LCC website. Slight delay in start due to change of contractor. 6 new community gangs working throughout the area along with 14 patching gangs for potholes. Repairs will now be photographed and sent to LCC to improve repair and performance. Any potholes that have been delayed and been outstanding for a while please email details and a priority 7 day order will be put on them. There will also be 2 specialist drainage teams and 4 civil gangs who will do drainage repairs and improvements and small footways and kerbing improvements.

6. Finance
To receive financial reports and updates.
Internal Audit report has been received and circulated to councillors.

a. To review and approve Financial Statement for year ending 31st March 2020
Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to approve the Financial Statement for year ending 31st March 2020. Statement signed by Clerk at meeting for forwarding to Mayor for signature due to current restrictions.

b. To review Annual Governance Statement for 2019/20
 Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to approve the Annual Governance Statement for 2019/20. Statement signed by Clerk at meeting for forwarding to Mayor for signature due to current restrictions.
c. To review Accounting Statement for 2019/20
 Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to approve the Accounting Statement for 2019/20. Statement signed by Clerk at meeting for forwarding to Mayor for signature due to current restrictions.
d. To review Monthly Financial Report for April 2020
Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to approve the monthly financial report for April.
e. Mayors Allowance for 2020/21
 DW left meeting at 18:40 to allow discussion on Mayors allowance which has been frozen for several years.
 Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to increase mayors allowance to £540.
 DW re- entered meeting at 18:45.

Payments made over £100 in April for transparency
Payee                           Detail                                             Amount       VAT       Total
P.Garrill Construction    Grass Cutting                                  £590.00      £0.00      £590.00
Staff costs                      Staff costs                                       £567.72     £0.00      £567.72
Sid Dennis & Sons         Skip Hire                                         £161.18     £32.24    £193.42
Action: Clerk to deliver AGAR forms to Mayor for signature and complete AGAR process.

Clerk 7. Clerks report on :

a. Allotments update
As of 1st June all allotments are occupied, one tenant will be giving up his plot due to ill health on 30th June. Discussion on prospective new tenant.
Action: Clerk to contact potential new tenant with details and application form 
b. Planning
Application no. S/039/00370/20 Erection of house at Mill House, Spilsby Road was approved by ELDC
c. Correspondence regarding Charity Field
E-mails received from current tenant of Charity Field and parishioner, previously circulated and discussed by councillors. Letter from parishioner replied to by Clerk advising them that this was not in the Town Councils area of responsibility. 
Action: Clerk to reply to current tenant advising the same.
d. Request for donations received from British Red Cross and Marie Curie
Discussion on requests. Clerk to forward e-mails to councillors for review.
Action : Clerk to forward e-mails and councillors to review. Decision to be made at next meeting.

8. Agenda Items for next meeting
Discussion on items for next meeting:
a. Defibrillators – is there a requirement for an additional defibrillator? Cost? Location? Grants available? 
Action: Clerk to investigate grants currently available for defibrillators.

b. Town Clean up – to be organised with volunteers once lockdown restrictions are eased.

c. Standing Orders to be reviewed – Several of our Standing Orders are due for review.            

Action: Clerk to send out those orders due for review to councillors.

Clerk 9. Meeting Close.
Mayor DW thanked all who attended and closed the meeting at 19:10
I certify these minutes to be a true record of the meeting held on 2nd June 2020.

Mayor / Cllr 
Date: 3rd June 2020



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