February 2020

Minutes of February 2020 Meeting

Cllrs present: 
Mayor D Wickes (DW), Cllr W Bowkett (WB), Cllr J Hart (JH), Cllr W Hatchman (WH), Cllr D Kettleborough (DK), Cllr V Parker-Hill (VP), Cllr B Allen (BA)

    Cllr N Chantry (NC), Cllr S Baird (SB), PCSO J Richardson

Also present:
Clerk: S Simmons, Clerk C Cleary
President of Wainfleet RBL (1 member of the public)

Mayor opened public meeting at 18:25hrs

     1 Member of the public – President of RBL. See agenda item 18 for details

Mayor closed the public session and went into Council Session at 18:40hrs  

1. Apologies for Absence
To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Town Clerk prior to the meeting.

Cllr Baird, Cllr Chantry and PCSO Richardson apologies noted and accepted 

2. Declarations of Interest
To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011. (Members must declare any personal interest in any item on the agenda and state whether they are also prejudiced. In the case of personal interest, the member may speak and vote on the matter. In the case of prejudicial interests, the member must withdraw while the matter is discussed.)

Clerk S Simmons -  Agenda item 9
Cllr Parker Hill - Cemetery 
Cllr Bowkett - Football field 

3. Minutes from the Council Meeting on 7th January 2020
To approve as a correct record the notes of the monthly meeting of the Council held on 7th January and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes and to approve minutes from 22nd January 2020

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to approve minutes from 7th January 2020 and minutes of extra ordinary meeting held on 22nd January 2020

4. To receive brief reports from the representatives on outside bodies and the Town Clerk
       Grass cutting scheme signed and returned
Precept signed and returned 
Mole contractor has been contacted and has started. Request for his public liability insurance has been e-mailed.
Action: Cllrs Hatchman and Cllr Kettleborough to contact pest control and arrange to meeting
       Grass contractor contacted – awaiting response 
       Cemetery fees sent out to Cllrs discussed and reviewed in item 13
       All other matters are elsewhere 

       No Police report

Report from ELDC and LCC Councillor Bowkett

Extra Funding for Highways: Budget with extra cash for road repairs and flooding agreed
The council is set to invest additional money in highways maintenance and flooding, with £14m of efficiency savings allowing it to still deliver a balanced budget.
Draft budget proposals for 2020/21 Approved and final proposals will be put before full council in February.
Reporting "Potholes" use "FixMyStreet" or download the 'app' for quicker reporting

Fire & Rescue: Fire service launches new plan to protect Lincolnshire
Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is compiling its community plan (IRMP) – now available on line together with feedback survey.

School support for young carers
Young Carers Awareness Day highlights that as many as one in five secondary school children may be a young carer. The average number of school days missed or cut short as a result of a young carer's role is 48, but schools are responding with effective support. 
Mental Wellbeing:
A new film to encourage football fans to talk about their mental wellbeing has been launched by Every Mind Matters and the Heads Up campaign, a partnership between Heads Together and The FA. 
Adopt a future:
Lincolnshire Adoption Service are holding two information evenings from 7-9pm on Wednesday 5 February at Branston Hall Hotel, Lincoln, and on Tuesday 11 February at Boston West Golf Club, Boston. Book your place now. (Philippa Gagliano, Fostering and Adoption, 01522 553833)
Archaeologists reveal Lincolnshire's past:
Link : Archaeologists reveal Lincolnshire's past during Lincoln Eastern Bypass works
Explore Lincolnshire's aviation history:
"A Century of Valour," an exhibition hosted at The Collection museum, Lincoln, until 15 March. For more details including admission prices see The Collection website.
New website goes live:– www.lincolnshire.gov.uk .
Now interactive for requests, applications and payments.
East Lindsey District Council
Lincolnshire has bid to become a Centre for Better Aging
The Section 19 report will be heard at scrutiny at Lincolnshire County Council on the 24th February.
There will be another event at Batemans in March to discuss the sec 19 and the planned work which is to be done on the Steeping the date will be released asap.  
Speed Reductions on Spilsby Road now going to local consultation.
Double Yellow outside Fire Station to the junction of High Street, both sides, this has been agreed and again has gone into local consultation and should be actioned asap.  
Any issues please contact me on
07930254723 or email me on CllrW.Bowkett@lincolnshire.gov.uk

5. Councillor Vacancies
To discuss promotion of vacancies for Councillors 
Discussion of the 3 vacancies. 
Action: Clerk to place poster in local amenities  

6. Finance
To receive financial reports and updates. To approve payments and receipts.
Clerk made an error .30p over payment to HMRC and 30p so due to issues with HMRC new chqs were issued 
Update accounts for PAT test from TRJ to reflect labour and equipment 
Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to approve finances

6.19 Finance regs and signatories of Clerk If the bank require the RFO to be a signatory on the account, the RFO is not permitted to sign any cheques
Proposer, Seconded and RESOLVED to update Finance Regs 

Payments made over £100 in January for transparency
Payee                                       Detail                            Amount       VAT          Total
TRJ Electric     PAT testing, connection and erection     £996.50    £199.30    £1195.80
                        of Xmas lights    
Staff Costs      Staff Costs                                              £504.45                      £504.45
LALC              Yearly Training Scheme                          £150.00                      £150.00

7. S137 and grant payments 
To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for grants and S137 applications

Discussion of S137 and grants applications

Citizen Advice Bureau  
Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED £0 
Football Team – still waiting for receipt. Already been agreed
       Theatre Club 
Proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to grant £150
Coronation Hall
Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED £0
Wainfleet Scouts
Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to grant £200 receipts required when purchased for the Wainfleet group
Parish Nursing
Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to grant £250
Magdalen Museum
Proposed Seconded and RESOLVED to grant £250
Action: Clerk to request that they update their constitution as its out of date
Action: Clerk to ask all successful grants to provide receipts 

8. Bank Account
Update on Bank Account. To discuss an agree on any actions required for Wainfleet All saints Town Council account in relation to the New Clerk and Wainfleet In Need Bank account 

Two bank statements given to Mayor for  Wainfleet In Need

Bank mandate for general Account has been completed to allow Mayor and New Clerk to have online access

9. Clerk role
To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for Clerks resignation and appointment of new Clerk & RFO 

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to go into closed session at the end of the meeting for this agenda and exclude press and public to discuss an administration issue 

10. HR Committee
To discuss and agree actions for the setting up of a HR committee for staff 

Discussion on having HR Committee. 
Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED not to have a HR Committee

11. Fireproof storage 
To discuss and agree actions and associated costs for Fireproof Storage for Cemetery files 

Discussion on fireproof cabinets
Action: Council to ask Coronation Hall if the cabinet can be placed downstairs
Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to pay up to £700 and purchase once approval from Coronation Hall to have downstairs

12. Planning
To receive and discuss applications and any planning applications received between publication of agenda and the actual meeting will be added for discussion 

S/194/02106/19 – John Street – planning approved 
S/194/02107/19 - High Street, Wainfleet, Skegness, PE24 4DA – approved 

13. Properties, Amenities and Burial Grounds
To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for Properties, Amenities and Burial Grounds
a) Cemetery fees for Northolme Cemetery
To discuss, and agree any increase of Cemetery Fees
Current fees given out to Cllrs and discussed.
       Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to update fees as attached
       No objections   

       Council have had a rate relief form that needs to be completed for Northolme cemetery.

b) Northolme Cemetery  
Cemetery – Should be plot N142 and not N139 for Internment (Clerk was to check action from last meeting
Reservation of Cremation Plot 328
Internment N101
Internment Plot 1132 NG
Reservation of Plot 1133 NG
Internment Plot Mr Gething TBC 317/318u/c?

Discussion the paths in Northolme Cemetery. Some places are H&S issue
Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to purchase 20 tonnes of planings £430 + VAT to be delivered to Cemetery at a convenient time (Supplier – GBM demolition in Louth)
Action: P&A to organise a work party 

c) Closed Churchyards 
Cllr Hatchman update
Work in progress at Wainfleet Bank

d) Allotments
Discussion on allotments
Plot 6 has built a pond. Discussion on pond.
Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED that Clerk to write to plot holder on terms removes pond. Refer back to contract 
Plot 14 Small wooden picket fence needs attention
Action: Clerk to write letter to request fence to be looked at
Plot 17 – to monitor
Tap has been sorted  
18/19 now vacant big pile of builders rubbish

Discussion on skip and allotment holders to put any rubbish in skip. 6 yarder
Action: Quotes to be obtained for approval for need meeting

Letter sent to plot 12 re: green house and plot holder has given notice of resignation with immediate effect. 
Action: Clerk to look into Plot 12 contract
Reminder letter sent to plot 17 for rent

Hedge has been done

Action: Clerk to write to plot holders to maintain boundaries as per their contract and to inform Council of any changes of details
Posters need updating 

e) Market Place
To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure in relation to the Clock Winders

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to pay clock winders £365. 

f) Play Area and Playing Field 
       Use of playing field and hiring agreement
New access gate in play area
Discussion on new dimensions on gate. Cllr Hatchman to get new prices. Agreed at January meeting £150.
Discussion on trees by the new gate entrance. To trim back  
Action: Council to take dangerous branches and to look to see if there are any TPO or issues with area being in the conservation area 
Action: Investigate with ELDC. Two of the overhanging the play area, please can we take down

Discussion on play equipment
Inspection report in January – some equipment covered in green algae. Needs cleaning with a cleaning agent at a cost of £70
Proposer, Seconded and RESOLVED that the Council will do the work spend up to £70
Action: Cllr Kettleborough to purchase cleaning agent

Discussion on logs in play area. Cllr Hatchman to remove
To discuss and approve quote for next years play area inspection at a cost of £81 
Proposed Seconder and RESOLVED to use for next year

Use off pitch agreement has been emailed to Cllrs.
Agenda item for next meeting  

g) Fireproof storage for cemetery files and back up discs
See item 11.

14. Marketing & Promotions
To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for Marketing and Promotions
a) Flower Tubs
Discussion on planters from Skegness as per last meeting and store in Market Place
Action: Clerk to contact Skegness Council to obtain planters 

b) June 13th Community event
Discussion on event. Volunteers required. 
Action: Clerk to create standard letter inviting local businesses to volunteer and meeting to be held on Thursday 13th February 6pm at Coronation Hall. Clerk to see if room is free

c) Community Award
Mayor to ask school on Monday 10th  February if they want to display 

15. Emergency Planning Meeting 
Update on emergency planning meeting 

Last one was cancelled. To ask Chapel if they will hold meeting. Next meeting date to be confirmed

16. Website and emails
       To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for website and emails 
       Email with dates for attending website training 
       Action: Clerk to pick a date and attend 

17. ELR50
To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for ELR50 visit to Wainfleet All Saints 

Discussion on ELR50 email correspondence
Proposed. Seconded and RESOLVED Council to pay for use of Coronation Hall on 23rd September and 26th September on the condition that the Town Council sell refreshments and keep the profit.  
Action: Clerk to email response to promoter

18. RBL
To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for RBL 2020 for Wainfleet All Saints

Discussion on VE day 8th May and Mayor attendance requested 20.30hrs candle lit service and 10th May
Discussion on bunting required for 21st May – 15th August for the Town
War memorial anniversary 18th July 
Meeting arranged with RBL for Monday 10th January at 10am at Coronation Hall to discuss events and bring back to Full Council
Wainfleet RBL100yrs in 2021

Apparently, District Councillors can apply for grant for VE day. 
Action: Cllr Bowkett to look into

19. Coronation Hall
To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure for keys to the Office 
Agenda item cancelled

20. Fishing Pegs
To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure in relation to Fishing Pegs
Paperwork need to be located.  

21. Coronation Hall 
To discuss and agree actions and associated expenditure in relation to keys for Coronation Hall
Duplicated agenda item 

22. Correspondence:
To discuss correspondence received

LALC 06/01/20 20/01/20  27/01/20
Please find details attached of proposed waiting restrictions at Wainfleet.at Magdalen Road 
Town and Parish e news

Proposed, Seconded and RESOLVED to go into closed session for agenda item 9 to 

 At 20:56 hrs the Council went into closed session and excluded press and public to discuss an administration issue 
Clerk C Cleary was asked to leave the room at 20:56hrs Closed Session    

Council discussed and proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to final salary payment for outgoing clerk
Closed session re opened at 21:05

23. Agenda Items for next meeting and to agree the next meeting date as Tuesday 3rd March 2020 
Football Pitch

24. Meeting Close.
Mayor closed the meeting and thank everyone for attending 21:06hrs 

I certify these minutes to be a true record of the meeting held on 4th February, 2020

Signature: Mayor: Cllr Wickes Date: 4th February 2020

 Initial                                 Date: 4th February 2020