April 2020








1. Approval of minutes from Council Meeting on 3rd March 2020

Minutes were e-mailed to councillors on 31st March.

RESOLVED to approve minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March, 2020.


2. Clerks report

Following items from meeting on 3rd March :

  • Approval to co-opt replacement for Cllr. Chantry received from LCC
  •  All VE day celebrations suspended (some bunting found in office).
  •  Confirmed by LALC that clerk/RFO can prepare and authorise BACS payments (see later under Bank Account).
  •  Coronation Hall refused to allow fireproof storage on ground floor – other options being explored.
  •  Lottery licence change submitted to ELDC
  •  Letter sent to WUJFC regarding floodlights. 
  •  Wheelie bin weekly collection changed to “on demand”



The following agenda items from 3rd March are on hold until the next possible full council meeting :

  •  Planings for footpaths
  •  Skip hire for allotments
  •  Playing field hire agreement
  •  Flower tubs
  •  Community event
  •  Emergency planning
  •  Fishing pegs



3. Finance

Monthly financial reports for March submitted to councillors by e-mail along with payments and receipts. Payments made during month over £100 for transparency :

Annual rent of council offices               £1273.00

Grass cutting Dec- Feb                        £2400.60

Mole treatment 1st quarter                   £225.00 **

Staff costs                                            £616.17


** Note : previous invoice for full year treatment was approved In February, subsequently negotiated and payments now to be made on a quarterly basis.


Future payments already approved by e-mail :

Advance to Wainfleet Community volunteers          £500

Wreath for VE Day                                                   £20


RESOLVED : to approve finances



4. Appointment of Internal Auditor

Clerk has been in contact with Mrs. Nicola Smith to perform our internal audit as in previous years and she has confirmed her availability.


 RESOLVED: to appoint Mrs. Nicola Smith as internal auditor.


5. Appointment of Cllr. Wendy Bowkett as vice- chair

In the absence of a vice chair to the Council, Cllr. Wickes is proposing to appoint Cllr. Wendy Bowkett as vice chair.


 RESOLVED :  Cllr. Wendy Bowkett appointed vice- chair


6. Bank account

At the recent financial training course attended by Cllr. Wickes and the clerk, confirmation was received from LALC that the clerk can be allowed to prepare and authorise BACS payments. The current situation has shown that our current process for authorising and making payments is not ideal. Proposed to amend  payment procedure to allow bank payments to be made by BACS transfer.

To ensure transparency and that adequate internal controls are in place our procedure shall be:

a) All payments to be made by BACS shall be approved by full council prior to payment

b) Once approved, the clerk/RFO shall prepare the on-line payments

c) The clerk will then advise one of the other approved signatories to go on line to confirm the payments.

d) At the next full council meeting the BACS payments shall be evidenced to councillors in the monthly financial report.


Subject to approval of this change, the clerk will contact the bank to change our mandate and instigate a review and update of our financial regulations.


RESOLVED : To change bank mandate to allow clerk to prepare BACS payments for authorisation and to update financial regulations accordingly.


7. Clerks hours

Due to the current situation, the clerk has been working essentially from home since 20th March and making brief weekly visits to the office to check on correspondence, wheelie bin status, notice board updates, etc. During this period, the hours of work will remain the same (12 hours), but due to the nature and volume of correspondence being dealt with, shall be distributed throughout the week and not just 2 days per week. The Clerk will not incur any overtime for this period without previously advising the council. A separate attachment details the hours worked in the 4 week period to 27th March which incurred 9 hours overtime, principally due to the financial training course and the monthly meeting:


RESOLVED : Clerks hours for March approved.


8. Planning

Planning application S/194/00140/20 was approved by ELDC (replacement of flat windows no 41 High Street, Wainfleet All Saints.

Public Notice issued regarding reduced speed limit on Spilsby Road. Objections to be raised by 15th April.


9. Burial Grounds and play areas

Contractor has confirmed that they will continue with mowing until they are advised they are not allowed to do so.


10. Allotments

Letter from allotment holder enquiring if first years rent could be waived circulated.

RESOLVED : Clerk to reply to allotment holder advising that rent will not be waived.


Enquiry from Friskney resident circulated.

RESOLVED : Clerk to advise approval of allowing application from residents of Friskney. Clerk to review standing orders on allotments and amend area covered.



Following advice from LALC and National Allotment Society, clerk to write to all allotment holders advising on usage and current government advice.



11. ELR 50

Further communications regarding the ELR 50 events scheduled for later this year circulated. Opinion of councillors was that event unlikely to proceed and decisions to be deferred until we know if the event will proceed.

RESOLVED :  Decision deferred until final confirmation of event has been received. 


Date: 14th April, 2020


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