January 2019

 Present: Cllr. D Kettleborough (DK),  Cllr. M Knowles (MK), Cllr. C Onyemah (CO),  Cllr. D Wickes (DW), Cllr. T Graves (TG)
Absent :Cllr. W Bowkett (WB), G Carrington (GC), Mayor Cllr. A Willerton (AW), Cllr. M Rust (MR)
Also, in attendance were  4 Members of the Public. 1  Police Rep., J Ward & S Simmons (Clerk)
Cllr CO welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 7pm.
1. Police
PCSO has been contacted by a member of public re allotments – sheds tampered, Mannequin tampered and fence has been axed. Some sheds not locked. Owners advised to lock
MK - 4 been vandalised 
Night watch by Councillors / PCSO to monitor and extra patrols. PCSO has packs and can get items stamped and marked
Dog Warden – meeting again on Friday with PCSO to hopefully be able to spray this time as was not suitable last time
Parking on Patten Avenue – anyone can park there now
Parking Mawsen Gardens – Vehicles in disabled bay. PCSO to speak to car owners
Parking on zig-zags – spoken to vehicle owners. Advice given 
APCO Parking enforcement officer especially re: auction night. Have requested they come in – working progress
Spilby’s Road – Pavement parking – this has stopped. Notice to be given to those parking on paths in future
Cold Calling Zone – Easier for street to apply rather than Wainfleet as a whole
PCSO engagements at the library as well as elsewhere
Actions: Dog fouling – PCSO to walk around Friday with warden and spray if they can 
2. blic Session 
4 members of the public
1 member of the public would like permission to put a skip in market place for number 11 – letter in writing – To be placed on the corner and to be kept out of the way of the auction. Unanimous agreement
3 Members of public have expressed interest in becoming ward councillors meeting on Thursday 2pm to have informal chat with 2 of them. AW CO, TG, MR to attend
Discussion took place on application process from members of public 
3. Apologies for Absence
4. To receive Declarations of Interest
5. Draft Minutes 
Amendments - None 
Proposer - DW
Seconder - MK 
Vote – All agreed
6. Clerk’s Report and Action Points from the previous minutes.
  • Clerk position – contract       Action: AW to organise with Clerk
  • Clerk position – trainings –  Appropriate training sessions were approved
  • Wainfleet Charity                 Action - JW
  • Clerk handover wages – All agreed that JW will stay with new Clerk until next meeting – 6hrs a week. Proposer – 6 hours per week DW Seconder - DK 
  • Policies – all been updated and printed off
7. Reports from External Agencies
Email from WB received: 
No bins in the play area – discussion took place.
WB had spoken to mole man re: Football field. He gassed on Monday and will do again on Saturday if needed and will keep an eye and redo if necessary. Costs comes under annual contract
8. Finance
To receive financial reports and updates. – handed out 
Nottingham Building Society Savings passbook – discussion on passbook. Clerk to keep book until new elections in May after which signatories appointed at new council can enter signatures in book
New play area payment. Chq will not be sent off until the grant funding has been paid into bank
Late arrivals: 
Boxes for storage of lights £105 (includes VAT) – approved. Agreed at last meeting.
Quote for IPAD damage during light switch on - £569 (includes VAT) – discussed. No decision made for approval of payment. To be deferred until next meeting.
Action: Clerk to contact insurance for advice
To confirm precept. £28,862 – forms completed. Forms to be sent in by 21st January via email
Action: Clerk to email precept 
To approve payments and receipts.
Proposer – TG 
Seconder – MK
Vote - Unanimous
9. Planning
Ref: S/039/02455/18 – Erection of 1 house
Ref: S/039/01485/18 – Amendment to previous application
Emailed to Councillors prior to meeting – approved
10.  Properties, Amenities and Burial Grounds
Areas of Responsibility – to consider if appropriate – discussed. To be considered following May elections when new committee memberships will be decided
Playing Field Fence – PG has been busy – NFA yet. Discussed. To consider the possibility of other contractors as PG is busy. 
Action: Clerks to get copy of list of materials
Action: TG / DK to obtain 2 x quotes (if PG was unable to complete the work imminently) 
Play Area and Playing Field – Installation of new equipment has been signed off. MR purchased a padlock for area. Maintenance Contractors will need a key. 
Action: Clerk to speak to MS make enquiries to look at brick or tubing for bolts in ground
CO – Discussion on play area. Signage for age restriction and maximum numbers on swing. A3 size. 2 x age restrictions, 1 x maximum numbers on swing. Advised to go to East Lindsey District Council for correct wording. 
Action: Clerks to contact East Lindsey Council
Northolme Cemetery -  
N143 - cremation
N147 – burial
Garden of rest
Plot 92 
N143 – application
Northolme Cemetery - Discussion regarding tree taken down and fence perimeter by neighbour. Access to war memorial. Croft Lane. To be discussed at next meeting. 18 Spilsby Road. 
Action – JW to bring a land registry copy to next meeting
Salem Bridge – repainting. Discussion took place. To be discussed at next meeting
Closed Churchyards – Removal of rotten tree. Discussion. MR to get a quote to look at the tree and assess it. Council need to do a risk assessment to determine the level of public danger. Proposal – DW – public safety that it is taken down immediately 
Seconder – TG
Objection – MK
Proposal – MK - second opinion on tree
Chair CO request that MR to get someone down to assess the tree
Grass Cutting – Clerk has requested a quote from TAB for Wainfleet bank.
Discussion on closed church yards. 
Action – Clerks to get costings for Church yards – Hedges / General tidy up and broken trees 
Clerk has submitted a request for WASTC join CSC Highways Parish Agreement Scheme for verge cutting.
11. Marketing & Promotions
Cinema - DW – Discussion. Pay a one off fee of £375 to hire a film. Hire of hall £35. Advertising £100. Basic cost would be £510. Sale or return from Co-op for drink and food. £2 per head charge. To have 2 films – second film will cost £185 if on the same day and £45 for hall hire. Suggested that U rated or PG matinee and a 15 or 18 age for evening. To ask for helpers. If goes well to request lottery funding for a 2year project. Possible days Tuesday and Saturday. Insured under council insurance but insurance company will need to know. Possible March or April start. Future ones will cost more per entry. PCSO to be made aware.
Vote – unanimous 
Action: DW to progress
Town Maps – for places of interest and walks for visitors, etc..  to the area to be considered– Deferred until April 
Christmas Lights – Setting down 12th January 8.30am market square – all hands-on deck!! 
Flower Tubs - Watering Rota – Discussion. DW, TG, DK agreed. Rota to be discussed in March meeting
Action - Clerk to purchase 2 x plastic watering cans. 
Hiring agreement. One in place for market place. One needed for playing field. 
Actions - Clerk to adapt market place agreement to suit hiring of the Playing Field
Web Site – update in progress
12. Correspondence
Emails had been previously circulated.
Thank you from Poppy appeal 
Christmas card from Matt Warman & Lincoln Cathedral
Temporary Road closure
Clerks and Councils Direct
JW – Thank you to committee 
13. Agenda Items for Next Meeting
Post in Skegness Road 
Speed limits Spilsby Road. Email received from member of public regarding speed limits in Spilsby Road. Suggested that member of public to create a resident’s petition to send into Highways as it crosses over two parishes
Action: Clerk to respond to resident email
14. Next meeting Date(s)
The next council meeting will take place on 5th February 2019 @7pm
There being no further business CO thanked everyone for their contributions and closed the meeting at 21:34.